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Dear elon musk,

Updated: May 20, 2021

You may not realize it but Bitcoin will be the first financial asset in human history to land and stay on the surface of the moon. The first human financial asset, money, commodity and cryptocurrency to the moon will be Bitcoin.

I know you had your hopes pinned on that pet shitcoin you like for this kind of mission, but Bitcoin is just so much better in all respects. Following tradition, Bitcoin again will be first. But this time to the moon.


We have purchased a ride on a lunar rocket. Our seat on this rocket contains an SD card. On this SD card is a picture of the Bitcoin Genesis Block. Within this picture of the Genesis Block is a Bitcoin private key containing 0.01 Bitcoin or put another way, 1 million Satoshi's (SATS).

To the astronaut's who eventually endeavors to recover this tiny hoard of digital latinum, we wish them god speed, good hunting and good luck.

Public Key Address of Moon bound Satoshi's: 12piAMcmwXbMQjjxfoZRVjMBBvEMMW1UtU

As for elon and his pet shitcoin, he'll have to settle for second place. Again. Bitcoin was the first in space, sent via radio waves through the Blockstream satellite to Grubbles.

(Grubbles was the first to receive Bitcoin transmitted through space via satellite in 2017).

So too will Bitcoin be first again, as it arrives safely on the lunar surface in June of 2021, ahead of elon's pet shitcoin (which only planes to fly around the moon, not land).

I know it must be frustrating to be second place elon. After all, why else lie about your apparent achievement of being the first to send a cryptocurrency to space (you

weren't). But maybe you just weren't well informed, which makes sense considering your recent hypocritical Bitcoin energy concern trolling comments, and big block

rhetoric for scaling your pet shitcoin.

So we got lies, fud, and misunderstanding all around from you all in less then one week. Classy. We can't wait for you to sell your Bitcoin.

In any case elon,

Have Fun Staying Earth ₿ound

PS, Bitcoin will beat you to Mars too.

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